Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to tenderize a T-bone steak

Here is one way I personally use to make fantastically juicy, tender, and delicious T-bone steaks. Now you can use this for other cuts of steak as well but the cooking times will vary according to thickness and fat content.

Step 1- The ingredients. What I like to use for powdered tenderizers are Garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and McCormicks meat tenderizer powder. I also will get a bottle of dry red wine. My preference for this is a Yellowtail brand Shiraz. This is also a very inexpensive wine. You can pick it up at any of your local supermarkets for under 10 dollars. You also will want to have a large casserole dish and a plate to hold the steaks after you have tenderized them.

Step 2- Start first by laying the steaks in the casserole dish. Grab yourself a fork and stab the steak all over (except for the fatty areas and the bone of course). Once you have that side of the steaks facing you full of holes, pepper your steaks with each of the above said ingrediants, minus the wine.

Step 3- Now take your fork again and stab all of the powder that rests on top of the steak down into the meat. Don't worry about the meat being torn since it will aid in the tenderizing process.

Step4-Take your bottle of red wine and pour it inside the casserole dish up to the half thickness of the steaks. Also pour some on the top of the steak where the holes are at. Then take each steak and flip it over onto the un-stabbed side.

Step 5-Repeat steps 2-4

Step 6- Cover the casserole dish with the plastic wrap and set it in the fridge for at least two hours. The steaks will turn a purpleish tint from the wine but it will taste delicious.

Step 7- Fire up your grill and proceed with your normal cooking, based on how pink you like your meat. Take note that you will have to watch the inside a little closer than normal because of the color difference, but I would recommend searing both sides of the steak to help lock in the juices during the cooking process.

Step 8- Once your steak is finished cooking, remove from grill and enjoy!